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A media company aimed at giving back

to the community in a positive way.

What we do...

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Your Champion
For The Island

A celebration of one of the coolest islands on the planet.

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Your Champion
For Galway

An insight into one of the coolest counties on the planet.


Record Your
Life Story

Record your life story as a present for friends and future generations.

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A Personalised
Aran Jukebox

Curate a personalised collection of your music and life experiences.

Hey Patrick, Pádraic, Patsy, Paddy, Patricio, etc.

Hey Patricks! Leave a voice message explaining how you got your name and we’ll broadcast as many as we can on The Ireland Podcast on Saint Patrick’s Day: 17th March 2024. Just read out the message below.

"My name is *NAME* and I am from *PLACE* and I got my name because *REASON*."

Be sure to subscribe to The Ireland Podcast, share it with your friends and family and give it a positive rating. Your support ensures that we are able to continue to be a celebration of the island of Ireland!

Go raibh maith agat, 

The Ireland Podcast Team

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Record the story of your life

for your children and grandchildren...

...or for a favourite niece, nephew or friend.

Most people want to record their life story for future generations and guess what... they don't!


Life Recordings is a personalised life interview recording service that offers the opportunity to capture heartfelt interviews with individuals or their loved ones, capturing their life stories and experiences as a meaningful gift for future generations.


We understand the importance of preserving personal narratives and wisdom, ensuring that the unique voices and legacies of family members endure for years to come. With our compassionate approach, professional expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment, we create lasting audio recordings that celebrate the richness of personal history.

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Your Personalised Aran Jukebox Experience

What music, book and treasured item would you bring along?


Desert Aran Discs is a captivating service offered by Salthill Media. We invite individuals to curate their own personalised collection of music, books, and luxury items that hold significant meaning in their lives. It's a heartfelt journey that allows you or your loved ones to share personal stories, memories, and inspirations, creating a truly memorable experience.

Thanks for submitting!

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