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About Salthill Media

Dreamt up in the summer of 2022 Salthill Media is a community-focused organisation dedicated to making a positive impact. Committed to giving back, we actively seek opportunities to support local initiatives and collaborate with individuals and organisations that share our vision.


Through our media resources, we aim to inspire, uplift, and empower. With a strong belief in the transformative power of creating and capturing memories, Salthill Media strives to create a brighter future and foster a sense of connection and unity within the communities we serve.

About Cormac Heron

Salthill Media is run by Derry born father, musician and teacher Cormac Heron.


Cormac has been working in the world of media for over 25 years which includes working in London for 15 years. During his time in London Cormac worked in PricewaterhouseCoopers' Knowledge Management team for four years. Consequently he moved to China for another eight years where he taught in some of the country's top international schools as a Performing Arts Teacher.

Cormac moved to Galway in summer 2022. The reason why he chose to live here is because through visiting local family connections Cormac has always enjoyed coming to Galway ever since he was a child.


The best things about Galway for Cormac are the people who live here, the people who visit here and the people who have left the place but still feel a connection with it.

Cormac presents The Galway Podcast and The Ireland Podcast using his artist alias Fender Jackson.

  3 Herons In Galway  

Please support us

In a world often filled with negativity, Salthill Media strives to be a champion of positivity.


The Ireland Podcast and The Galway Podcast, essential components of this positive initiative, currently do not generate any income. Please consider making a donation to support our mission.

You can further contribute by subscribing to the podcast channels, sharing them, and leaving positive ratings on your favourite podcast player.

Your support will play a crucial role in sustaining this endeavour and spreading uplifting content in a world that needs it.

Join Salthill Media in making a positive impact through your generosity and active engagement.

Please buy us a coffee.


The Salthill Media Team

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