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Group Desert Aran Discs: Audio Only

Price: €575.

Service Description

Audio only. Interviewees: 2-4 people. Professionally mixed and mastered. Professionally edited. Cloud storage access. USB supplied. Topped with intro, jingle, music, date and location. Tailed with closing credits, music and jingle. Desert Aran Discs: Audio Only is a package offered by Salthill Media that brings the captivating desert island interview concept to life in a purely audio format, specifically designed for group interviews. Whether it's a gathering of friends, a family reunion, or a professional team, this experience allows two to four individuals to curate their own collection of music, share personal stories, and create a lasting audio legacy. With Salthill Media, you retain full ownership of the content, and no footage will be used on any social media platforms without your permission. Key Features 1. Professional Audio Production: Our experienced sound engineers ensure that your group interview is professionally mixed and edited. We skillfully weave together each participant's chosen music, personal stories, and insights to create a harmonious and engaging audio package. 2. Customised Intro, Music, and Closing Credits: Your audio package will feature a tailor-made introduction that sets the tone for the interview, seamlessly integrated music chosen by each participant, and closing credits that provide a complete and immersive listening experience. 3. Estimated Recording Time and Final Edit: The recording session is designed to take approximately 60 minutes, allowing ample time for each participant to share their stories and connect through music. The final edit will be slightly shorter than the recording time, ensuring a concise and impactful end product. 4. Convenient Delivery and Private Listening: The end product will be provided to you on a USB drive, making it easy to enjoy the audio package together or individually. Additionally, we offer cloud storage access, ensuring secure availability for private listening online. 'Desert Aran Discs: Audio Only' by Salthill Media offers a unique and memorable group interview experience, allowing multiple individuals to express their stories, memories, and personal connections to music. With our professional audio production, you can expect a high-quality and expertly crafted package that captures the essence of your shared experiences. Create a lasting audio legacy that can be treasured and shared among your group for years to come. Price: €575

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