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Group Desert Aran Discs: Audio & Video

Price: €655.

Service Description

Audio & Video. Interviewees: 2-4 people. Professionally mixed and mastered. Professionally edited. Cloud storage access. USB supplied. Topped with intro, jingle, music, date and location. Tailed with closing credits, music and jingle. Supplied audio and music mixed in. Introducing "Desert Aran Discs: Audio & Video" by Salthill Media, a captivating package that combines the power of visuals and audio to create an unforgettable interview experience for 2 to 4 people. This service allows you to curate your own personal selection of music while sharing your stories and memories. Our team of professionals will handle every aspect of the production process, delivering a polished and expertly edited audio and video package. This includes a carefully crafted introduction, logo integration, your chosen music seamlessly dubbed in, and all the necessary elements such as date, location, and closing credits. The end product will be a professionally produced video with audio that truly reflects your unique journey. During the recording session, which typically lasts about 60 minutes, our skilled team will create a comfortable and engaging environment for you and your group to share your stories. The final edit, while slightly shorter than the original recording, will capture the essence of your experiences, ensuring a cohesive and compelling narrative. You will receive the end product on a USB drive for easy access, and it will also be securely stored on cloud storage, allowing for private viewing at your convenience. With "Desert Aran Discs: Audio & Video" by Salthill Media, you can look forward to a professionally produced visual and auditory masterpiece that encapsulates your stories and memories. Cherish the memories, relish the music, and share your unique journey with this exceptional package designed to create a lasting legacy for you and your loved ones.

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