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Individual Premium Package: Audio Only

1st hour: €515. Each additional hour: €280.

Service Description

Audio only. 1-on-1 interview. Professionally mixed and mastered. Professionally edited. Cloud storage access. USB supplied. Topped with intro, jingle, music, date and location. Tailed with closing credits, music and jingle. Atmospheric mood music. Supplied audio and music mixed in. Experience the pinnacle of personal storytelling with the "Individual Premium Package: Audio Only" offered by Salthill Media. This extraordinary package presents a one-on-one interview meticulously chronicling your life's journey, destined to be treasured by future generations. With this package, you retain full ownership of the content, and no footage will be shared on social media platforms without your explicit consent. Our team of expert audio engineers will professionally mix and edit the interview, ensuring impeccable audio quality. To enhance the emotional impact of your story, Salthill Media's talented composers will create tastefully composed music that perfectly complements your narrative. Additionally, if you choose to provide supplementary audio, it will be seamlessly dubbed into the production, further personalizing your story. The end product of the "Individual Premium Package: Audio Only" will feature a captivating introduction, evocative music, the date of the interview, the location, and closing credits. This comprehensive production adds a professional touch, elevating your audio package to a truly remarkable level. Understanding that the duration of your story cannot be confined to a specific timeframe, we offer the flexibility to share your experiences for as long as you like, with a maximum of three hours. This ensures that every cherished memory and profound insight finds its place in your narrative, without any limitations. Upon completion, the final product will be delivered to you on a USB drive, providing a tangible keepsake for easy access. Additionally, for your convenience and secure storage, the audio package will be made available on cloud storage, allowing you to listen privately and share your story with loved ones at your leisure. Unveil the power of your life's story with the "Individual Premium Package: Audio Only" by Salthill Media. Let the artful combination of professionally mixed and edited audio, tastefully composed music, and personalised touches create an immersive and unforgettable journey that will resonate through generations to come. 1st hour: €515 Each additional hour: €280

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