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Individual Premium Package: Audio&Video

1st hour: €595. Each additional hour: €325.

Service Description

Audio & Video. 1-on-1 interview. Professionally mixed and mastered. Professionally edited. USB and cloud storage access. Topped: intro, jingle, music, date and location. Tailed: closing credits, music and jingle. Atmospheric mood music. Supplied audio and music mixed in. Elevate your personal narrative to new heights with the "Individual Premium Package: Audio & Video" offered by Salthill Media. This exclusive package presents a one-on-one interview that beautifully chronicles your life, capturing the essence of your experiences for future generations to cherish. As the owner of the content, rest assured that no footage will be shared on social media platforms without your explicit permission. Our dedicated team of professionals will skillfully mix and edit both the audio and video components, ensuring a seamless and captivating storytelling experience. In addition to expert editing, Salthill Media's talented composers will provide tastefully composed music, perfectly complementing the emotions and sentiments of your life journey. If you choose to provide supplementary audio, it will be seamlessly integrated into the production, further enhancing the personal touch of your narrative. The end product of the "Individual Premium Package: Audio & Video" will encompass an engaging introduction, your personalized logo, captivating music, the date of the interview, the location, and closing credits. These elements combine to create a polished and professional production that encapsulates the uniqueness of your life story. Recognizing the unpredictable nature of storytelling, we offer you the flexibility to share your experiences for up to three hours. This ensures that you have ample time to delve into the significant moments, reflections, and insights that shape your narrative, without any limitations. Upon completion, the final audio and video package will be presented to you on a USB drive, serving as a tangible keepsake for easy accessibility and safekeeping. Additionally, to provide convenience and secure storage, the package will be made available on cloud storage, granting you private viewing and sharing options. Embrace the power of visual and auditory storytelling with the "Individual Premium Package: Audio & Video" by Salthill Media. Through professionally mixed and edited audio and video, accompanied by tastefully composed music and personalised touches, your life story will be immortalised, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

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