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Individual Standard Package: Audio Only

1st hour: €275. Each additional hour: €150.

Service Description

Audio only. 1-on-1 interview. Professionally mixed and mastered. Unedited. Cloud storage access. USB supplied. Topped with intro, jingle, music, date and location. Tailed with closing credits, music and jingle. This package provides a unique opportunity for a one-on-one interview, chronicling your life story for future generations to cherish. With this package, you maintain full ownership of the content, and no footage will be shared on social media platforms without your explicit consent. Our skilled team will professionally mix the interview audio, ensuring exceptional quality that captures the essence of your narrative. We believe in preserving the authenticity of your story, which is why we provide an unedited audio package. This allows for a genuine and heartfelt portrayal of your experiences and memories. The end product will feature a musical introduction, the date of the interview, the location, and closing credits. This thoughtful addition enhances the listening experience and adds a professional touch to your audio package. Recognising that the duration of your story is unique and uncertain, we offer you the flexibility to take as much time as you need, up to three hours in total. This allows you to share your life's journey in-depth, ensuring that no important detail is left untold. Upon completion, the final audio package will be provided to you on a USB drive, making it easily accessible for personal use. Additionally, for your convenience and peace of mind, the package will be stored on cloud storage, ensuring secure and private access for your listening pleasure. Embrace the opportunity to preserve your life story with the "Individual Standard Package: Audio Only". Your personal experiences and wisdom will be immortalised in a professionally mixed audio package, ready to be shared and cherished by future generations. 1st hour: €275 Each additional hour: €150

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