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These podcasts are unfunded.

Your Celebration Of The Island

The Ireland Podcast has been set up for many reasons, namely:


  1. To be a celebration of the island

  2. To offer a glimpse into arguably the coolest island on the planet

  3. To be a champion of positivity

  4. To promote young and up and coming artists

  5. To celebrate the lives and works of Irish legends: living and otherwise

Available on any podcast player e.g. Spotify, Podbean, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, etc. Also available on

In a world often filled with negativity,
Salthill Media strives to be a champion for positivity.


The Ireland Podcast and The Galway Podcast, essential components of this positive initiative, currently do not generate income. Consider making a donation to support our mission. You can further contribute by subscribing to the podcast channels, sharing them, and leaving positive ratings on your podcast player.

Your support will play a crucial role in sustaining this endeavour and spreading uplifting content in a world that needs it.

Join Salthill Media in making a positive impact through your generosity and active engagement.

Buy us a coffee.


The Salthill Media Team

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The Ireland Podcast
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The Galway Podcast
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